First impressions matter. If you’re preparing to sell your home, your curb appeal could mean the difference between wowing your buyer or losing out on an offer. When the outside of your house looks tidy and inviting, it encourages buyers to venture inside. Enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Plus, your repairs will pay for themselves; homes with greater curb appeal sell faster and for more money than their competition.

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Increase Curb Appeal.

1. Manicure your landscaping.

We’re talking about more than just mowing the lawn. Edge along the sidewalks and driveway, trim back any unruly plants or bushes, and get rid of weeds or dead foliage. Fertilize your lawn if needed to prevent any brown areas in your sod. Buyers want to see lush, green grass when they pull up to the curb.

2. Dress up your flowerbeds.

Never underestimate the power of some fresh mulch and a few new pops of color. Pull weeds from your flowerbeds, plant flowers that will continue to bloom in the coming weeks, and trim back any plants that are past their prime. Adding a touch of color to your garden will draw attention to your home – and that’s the whole idea.

3. Replace outdated light fixtures.

This one requires a little more handiwork, but the payoff is worth the effort. Outdated light fixtures are like a stain on your home’s otherwise beautiful exterior. New fixtures don’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but they’ll add a modern touch that will appeal to potential buyers.

4. Add window shutters.

If the front of your home looks a little too dull, consider adding shutters around the windows to add interest and depth. You can purchase ready-made shutters, or save some money and build them on your own.

5. Power wash your surfaces.

Everything looks better after a good cleaning. Power washing your brick or siding, sidewalks, and patio will make a world of difference in your home’s overall appearance. If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one from a local hardware or home improvement store.

6. Add planters.

Potted plants or flowers can bring color to any space with relative ease. Add a few planters to your patio, walkways, or driveway to make the space more welcoming. Mix and match greenery and flowers, tall and short, to add dimension and interest to any area. This fix doesn’t need to be costly. Many discount home goods stores offer eye-catching planters at extremely affordable prices. Fill pots with budget-friendly decorative grasses, and voila! A reinvented front yard that will make your buyers swoon.

7. Install outdoor lighting.

Lights soften your space and add charm to your home. Add them just about anywhere: at the entrance to your driveway, along walkways, or along the flowerbeds. Outdoor lighting not only adds beauty but also creates a sense of security and safety. Solar-powered path lights are inexpensive and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

8. Paint your front door.

Draw attention to your home with a fresh coat of paint in an eye-popping color. This easy fix can be done in a matter of hours, but will make a long-lasting impression. While it might not seem like a necessary project, many Realtors insist a freshly-painted front door can make a significant impact.

9. Display patio furniture.

Nothing says “this home is inviting, charming, and lovely” like a porch with cozy, comfortable seating. Make sure your outdoor furniture is clean, free of tears or holes, and is organized neatly in all outdoor areas.

10. Get a new doormat.

While it doesn’t seem like much, your home’s welcome mat can add a special charm. Your doormat should be brand-new, free of dirt and mud, and should be inviting. A witty saying that makes potential buyers chuckle couldn’t hurt, either.

By spending a little time and a little extra cash, you can increase your home’s curb appeal dramatically.